IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD is an innovative, ultra-flat shower gulley system with a height-adjustable drain frame. The unique second drainage level reliable leads seepage water which has penetrated into the structure away via the joints into the shower gulley and prevents damage caused by seepage water accumulation.


  • Maximum reliability due to second level of drainage.
    Also reliably drains off seepage water within the construction.
  • Integrated, height-adjustable drain frame from 6 –15 mm – adjustable without tools.
  • Maximum flexibility reduces the need for different versions.
    · the seal collar with a narrow adhesive flange which is attached by the manufacturer makes universal use possible, even in corner and wall areas.
    · the reversible cover can be used both as a tileable channel and a stainless steel cover.
    Due to integrated fixed construction adapter with screeding edge.
  • Three construction heights for all applications:
    Construction height 28 mm, drainage performance 1.0 l/s with pipe siphon beneath the flooring
    Construction height 62 mm, drainage performance 0.5 l/s for renovation
    Construction height 82 mm, drainage performance 0.6 l/s for new buildings
  • Available in three lengths:
    750 mm / 950 mm / 1150 mm.
  • Individual special lengths
    from 250 to 1500 mm.
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction,
    integrated gully fall to the outflow and removable, easy-clean odour trap in gully body
  • Noise-reducing
    In the system with a load distribution plate and Regupol sound 17 soundproofing mat:
    · footfall noise improvement + 35 dB
    · installation noise <10 dB in acc. with VDI 4100 or 11dB in acc. with DIN 4109

Complete system


Odour trap


Attached seal collar


Flexibility of drain frame provides appropriate adaptation to tile grid dimensions



Brief technical information

Usage area: Interiors
Lengths: - 750 mm
- 950 mm
- 1150 mm
Construction heights: - 28 mm
- 62 mm
- 82 mm
Material: Gutter channel: Stainless steel,
Frame/reversible cover: Brushed stainless steel