Balconies, patios and terraces and outdoor steps

Gutjahr: Always the safest solution

System solutions for outdoors

Gutjahr offers innovative system solutions for long-term problem-free balconies, patios and outdoor steps. These include surface drainage and steps drainage systems that drain, uncouple and ventilate safely. These drainage systems also serve as substrates for fixed and loose-laid coverings.

Also an established part of our product portfolio are drain grates and gullies, edge profiles and balcony gutters, seals, adhesives and mortar. Gutjahr offers systems that allow you to obtain complete solutions that fit together - all from the same source.

Surface/steps drainage and raised systems

Rain, frost, heat: Gutjahr surface or steps drainage systems will protect high-quality outdoor coverings from weather damage. Our system solutions for surface drainage are suitable for natural stone, concrete and other coverings – for every type of laying, even including high-load surfaces. AquaDrain® SD has been developed by Gutjahr as a special steps drainage system for outdoor steps.

Drain grates and gullies

Carrying out the transitions from balcony or patio to the interior in the proper manner: it's easy and convenient with a drain grate or drain gully by Gutjahr. The systems ensure safe drainage in the door connection area – even for low connection heights or barrier-free construction. As recognised problem-solvers, Gutjahr will also supply drain grates in unusual special shapes or with special design or material upgrades.

Edge profiles and balcony gutters

Gutjahr's edge profiles and balcony gutters are made of quality aluminium that retains its value. The components are easily connected by pushing or clipping on. No soldering, no gluing – and no gaping joints or untidily fitting corner pieces. The Gutjahr combination of edge profiles with simple hang-in ProRin® balcony gutters and downpipes offers the optimum complete solution from a single source.


The seals are perfectly adjusted to fit with the Gutjahr drainage systems: yet another module in our complete system for safe, problem-free balcony and patio coverings. These include a quick-sealing sheet for loose laying. The DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet ensures an optimum flat surface. Use DiProtec® AB sealing tapes to join the seals safely and conveniently to Gutjahr edge profiles.

Adhesives and mortar

Specially developed adhesives and mortars round off Gutjahr's range of complete solutions for balconies, patios and outdoor steps. MorTec® DRAIN is a thin-layer epoxy resin drainage mortar system. This mortar was developed for the AquaDrain® EK surface drainage system – i.e. for fixed laid natural stone and ceramic coverings. The mortar is also suitable for Gutjahr steps drainage systems.