AquaDrain® DR

Continuously adjustable gully grates

AquaDrain® DR

Continuously adjustable gully grates
for drainage and the inspection of floor gullies. 

AquaDrain® DR gully grates are used for drainage above floor gullies, meaning that the gullies can be inspected at any time.

AquaDrain® DR

AquaDrain® DR gully grate for draining via floor gullies

1.    DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor gully
2.    DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
3.    PE membrane as separating layer
4.    Surface drainage, here: AquaDrain® T+
5.    AquaDrain® Flex drain grate
6.    AquaDrain® DR gully grate

Technical information

Gully grate: 
300 x 300 mm (W x L), incl. 4 screw feet
400 x 400 mm (W x L), incl. 4 screw feet

Frame material: Hot-dipped galvanised steel or stainless steel 1.4301


Mesh grid – hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel 1.4301
Profile design – stainless steel
Shadowline - stainless steel

Dirt trap: Integrated

Height adjustable: 

GV: Continuously height adjustable 50–95 mm (with XL screw feet 57–170 mm)
GESL: Continuously height adjustable 48-93 mm (with XL screw feet 55-168 mm)
PE: Continuously adjustable 48-94 mm (with XL screw feet 55–169 mm)

Application: Above floor/roof gullies and the inflow areas of waterspouts