AquaDrain® KR

The box gutter system

AquaDrain® KR

The box gully system, slit and unslit
for labour-saving laying on gravel/chippings or spots of mortar. 

AquaDrain® KR was developed especially for easy and quick laying on gravel/chippings or spots of mortar. The strip of gravel integrated into the gully floor protects against coarse dirt being carried into the drainage layer. Various different grates in steel or stainless steel open up the kind of design options often required particularly in longer stretches of line drainage.

AquaDrain® KR
AquaDrain® KRU unslit as a branch channel
AquaDrain® KR
AquaDrain® KR with slits, height-adjustable at the door connection

Technical information

Box gutter:
40 x150 x 1,000 mm

Gutter channel: 
Sendzimir galvanised steel sheet, powder coated

Grid - hot-dip galvanised, mesh width 30/10 mm
Grid - stainless steel electropolished (material no. 1.4301) mesh width 30/10 mm
Profile design - stainless steel (material no. 1.4301) glass bead blasted
Shadowline design – stainless steel 1.4301 Stainless steel flat bars with effectively glittering, anthracite-coloured edges

Can be cut to length: 
Can be variably cut to length

Height of box gutter: 
Fixed installation heights of 40 mm

In front of doors, floor-level window elements or in line drainage

Continuously adjustable height: 
(for slit version only)
AquaDrain® KR 40: 62-93 mm (or from 80 mm if the foot thread is cut on site)
with XL feet: 69-168 mm (or from 155 mm if the foot thread is cut on site)