AquaDrain® TM

Height adjustable, ultra-shallow, length can be adjusted as required

AquaDrain® TM

Height adjustable, ultra-shallow, length can be adjusted as required
The only drain grate for thin-layer covering structures from 31 mm in height.

The AquaDrain® TM drain grate with its ultra-flat frame geometry is perfectly coordinated to the TerraMaxx® laying procedure for thin-layer, lightweight coverings. It is also suitable as a drainage line in front of parapets in combination with the Watec® Drain KP+ thin-layer drainage.

AquaDrain® TM
Extremely thin-layer TerraMaxx® PF laying
  1. AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage mat
  2. TerraMaxx® PF-FM fixing compound
  3. AquaDrain® TM drain grate
  4. AquaDrain® dirt trap
  5. AquaDrain® screw feet including load
    distribution underlay





AquaDrain® TM
Balcony parapet with line drainage and waterspout
  1. DiProtec® DRAIN-BR waterspout
  2. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  3. DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic sealant
  4. DiProtec® FLK fleece strip
  5. WatecDrain® KP+ thin-layer drainage mat
  6. Watec® FS joint covering strip
  7. AquaDrain® TM drain grate
  8. DiProtec® FLK-AV connecting fleece collar







Technical information

Dimensions: 100 x 1,000 mm (W x L), including 6 screw feet and 3 load distribution plates

Frame material: Hot-dipped galvanised steel or stainless steel 1.4301

Grid – hot-dip galvanised
Square design – stainless steel
Profile design – stainless steel

Dirt trap: Integrated

Height adjustable: 
- GV: Continuously height-adjustable 31–46 mm (31-72 mm with XL feet)
- QE: Continuously height-adjustable 25-42 mm (25-68 mm with XL feet)
- PE: Continuously height-adjustable 28-44 mm (28-68 mm with XL feet)

Can be cut to length: can be cut to any length from: 100 to 77 cm; 56 to 41 cm; 19 to 11 cm

Use: In front of doors, floor-level window components or in line drainage