Watec®Drain RD/AR

The unique solution for thin-layer construction

Watec®Drain RD/AR

The unique solution for thin-layer construction.
Extremely shallow drain gutter, only 21 mm including covering. 

Even for low construction heights, protection of outdoor surfaces and thresholds from water damage is no longer a problem. The extremely shallow Watec®Drain RD was specially developed for Watec®Drain thin-layer drainage mats. The Watec®Drain AR cover grate provides reliable drainage through floor-level drainage channels.

Watec®Drain RD/AR
Watec®Drain RD complete system
  1. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  2. Watec®Drain KP+ thin layer drainage system
  3. DiProtec® AB-K sealing tape
  4. Watec®Drain RD-QE drain gully with dirt filter



Watec®Drain RD/AR
Watec®Drain AR cover grid for draining through floor-level drainage gullies
  1. WatecDrain® KP+
  2. WatecDrain® RD drain gutter
  3. WatecDrain® AR cover grate 150x150mm
  4. Existing floor-level drain or DiProtec® DRAIN-BA
    floor-level gully



Technical information

Watec®Drain RD:
100 x 1000 mm (W x L)
100 x 2000 mm (W x L)

Watec®Drain AR:
150 x 150 mm (L x W), 8 mm height
150 x 150 mm (L x B), 10 mm height

Frame material: Stainless steel

Grid: Square design – stainless steel

Dirt trap: Integral

Height of drain gutter: Fixed structure height of 18 mm

Use:  In front of doors, floor-level window elements or in line drainage combined with the thin-layer Watec®Drain KP+ drainage mat.