ProFin® DP/BL

The unique modular system for balcony profiles

Modular system (ProFin® DP11/17/21 + BL24/49/69)

The unique modular system for balcony profiles
needs only 3 base profiles to achieve 12 construction heights from 11 to 90 mm.

The GUTJAHR modular system for balcony profiles is a unique system composed of flexibly combinable drainage profiles and push-on profile facing plates. This means that you not only have a combined drainage and uncoupling profile in a single product, but thanks to the push-on facing plates, available in different heights, you can achieve a total of 12 construction heights from 11-90 mm. A unique feature! The upstand height of the ProFin® DP base profiles - 11, 17 or 21 mm - can quite simply be extended with a push-on ProFin® BL facing plate. Each of the three base profiles can be combined with each of the three facing plates.

Modular system (ProFin® DP11/17/21 + BL24/49/69)

Modular system (ProFin® DP11/17/21 + BL24/49/69)
Modular system (ProFin® DP11/17/21 + BL24/49/69)

Technical information

ProFin® DP

  • For covering structures 11 - 21 mm high
  • New generation of profiles with unpunched leg for safe, simple waterproof attachment of seals in combination with DiProtec® AB sealing tape technology
  • With drainage slits for shedding surface and seepage water
  • Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
  • With supports for hanging ProRin® balcony gutters
  • In combination with ProFin® BL


 ProFin® BL

  • Push-on facing plates in combination with the base profiles ProFin® DP11, 17, 21 for covering constructions 35-90 mm high
  • Can be used with ProFin® KSK11 drainage profile
  • Seepage water is concealed and drained behind the facing plate
  • Uncoupling the facing plate from the base profile = greatest possible reduction of shear stress on the seal
  • Aluminium, powder-coated

Areas of application

 ProFin® DP

  • Under DiProtec® SDB sealing sheets
  • Under cement-based waterproof coatings

Function: Drip/drain edge profile with 11, 17, 21 mm upstand