ProFin® BE/BP

Coating profile for mounting on / in screed

ProFin® BP/BE

Coating profile for mounting on / in the screed.

Safe, clean edging for balcony coatings.

ProFin® BP/BE profiles have been specially developed for balcony coatings. Development focused on durability and providing a reliable, practical solution. The upstand at the front ensures clean, safe edging. The projecting leg of the profile directs surface water away.

ProFin® BP/BE
  1. ProFin® BE (in screed)
  2. Profile connector
  3. Screed
  4. Glass fibre mesh inlay
  5. Coating
  6. Colour chips
  7. Clear coating



The ProFin® BE coating screed profile is embedded in the fall screed. The profile acts as a mould and exact screed edging in one. The profiles are linked by profile connectors. The glass fibre mesh inlay is laid on the profile leg, which is undercoated with EP and sanded. Coating then takes place, followed by the scattering of the coloured chips and a clear coating.

ProFin® BP/BE
  1. ProFin® BP (on screed)
  2. Screed
  3. Epoxy resin adhesive
  4. Glass fibre mesh inlay
  5. Coating
  6. Colour chips
  7. Clear coating



The ProFin® BP coating profile is mounted directly onto the fall screed and plugged. The substrate is smoothed by a wedge-shaped filling of EP mortar. If the bonded fall screed is smoothed with the screed guide at the edges, further smoothing work is not required. Bonding with the ProFin® profile leg is optimised by using a sanded EP undercoat. The glass fibre mesh inlay serves as additional protection against cracks. The balcony coating, colour chips and if required a clear coating are spread on top of this.

Technical information

ProFin® BP

  • Edging for balcony coatings
  • Mounting on the fall screed with subsequent coating
  • Bonding grooves for good bond of coating in the edge area
  • Upstand for clean edging and to prevent overflow of the coating
  • Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
  • With supports for hanging ProRin® BR balcony gutters

ProFin® BE

As ProFin® BP coating profile, but

  • for embedding in the fall bonded screed with subsequent balcony coating