ProFin® DP30

The basic profile for ceramic elements and natural stone

ProFin® DP30

Drain end profile
for ceramic elements and natural stone, for example, in combination with TerraMaxx® PF or Watec®Drain KP+.

ProFin® DP30
  1. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  2. Separating layer PE membrane
  3. AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage
  4. TerraMaxx® PF-FM special adhesive compound
  5. open joint, alternatively: closed joints with MorTec® SOFT
  6. ProFin® DP30 drainage profile
  7. ProRin® BR balcony gutter

Technical information

The ProFin® DP30 is for being installed under the seal with the option for suspending a balcony gutter. Thanks to the concealed drainage slits, it ensures for a clean water drain-off; the best drainage values on the market.

Application areas