ProRin® BR/AL

Aluminium balcony gutter and aluminium downpipe system

ProRin® BR/AL

Aluminium balcony gutter and aluminium downpipe system
for complete drainage.

The intelligent ProRin® component system – the complete aluminium balcony and gutter system that ensures targeted surface water drainage in compliance with DIN 1986-100.

Balcony gutter

The system components have been designed as a modular construction system. ProRin® BR balcony gutters can simply be hung by fitting into the profile supports of the ProFin® DP profiles, without soldering or gluing. Complete drainage through the downpipe is carried out quickly and cleanly through the push-in ProRin® AL aluminium downpipe system.


ProRin® AL is the first downpipe system to be made of powder-coated aluminium. This makes it particularly lightweight, of high visual quality and above all of long-term high value. In addition, it drains water away efficiently and in compliance with standards. Together with the other ProRin® system components, it forms an optimum complete solution.

ProRin® BR/AL
  1. ProRin® BR balcony gutter
  2. ProRin® BR gutter connectors
  3. ProRin® BR gutter corner
  4. ProRin® BR end caps
  5. ProRin® BR gutter running outlet
  6. ProRin® AL pipe elbow
  7. ProRin® AL connecting pipe
  8. ProRin® AL downpipe
  9. ProRin® AL branch
  10. ProRin® AL pipe clip
  11. ProRin® RB gutter plate
  12. ProRin® BR banister module

Technical information

ProRin® BR

  • Semi-circular gutter for all-round, complete drainage of balconies
  • Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
  • Can be hung in ProFin® profile system + ProRin® gutter facing
  • Depth of installation: approx. 75 mm

ProRin® AL

  • Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
  • Including seal element
  • With simple push-fit system