DiProtec® FIX-MSP

Gutjahr sealing systems

DiProtec® FIX-MSP

MS polymer sealing adhesive
solvent-free, elasto-plastic sealing and mounting adhesive, with extremely strong adhesion to almost all substrates

DiProtec® FIX-MSP is an elasto-plastic sealing and mounting adhesive, manufactured from MS polymer, for indoor and outdoor areas. Because of its very strong adhesion, DiProtec® FIX-MSP is excellently suited to adhesion of ceramic tiles, natural stone, concrete, wood, glass, metal and very many plastics. It is also suitable for firmly adhering paint and in particular for the powder-coated GUTJAHR balcony, patio and terrace profiles. After drying, DiProtec® FIX-MSP will remain permanently high flexible, waterproof, odour-neutral, UV and weather resistant.

DiProtec® FIX-MSP

Technical information

DiProtec® FIX-MSP will adhere to:

  • Concrete, masonry (fully pointed)
  • Cement and gypsum plaster
  • Cement and calcium sulphate bonded screeds
  • Old ceramic coverings
  • Natural stone
  • Bonded polystyrene elements with mortar coating (construction panels)
  • Porous concrete construction panels
  • Gypsum cardboard and gypsum fibreboard
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Metal (will not cause corrosion)
  • Glass
  • Coats of paint (compatible with most alkyd resin and emulsion paints)
  • Profiles with powder coating
  • PS plastics, e. g. GUTJAHR drainage mat systems
  • Fleece-laminated PE bonding sealing tapes
Application areas

Areas of application:

  • Adhering ProRin® gutter facing plates to the ProFin® system profiles
  • Gluing ceramic coverings into the IndorTec® FLEX-DRAIN tiled cover