DiProtec® FLK

Liquid plastic sealant

DiProtec® FLK

New liquid plastic sealant from Gutjahr

Triple safe – simply well planned 

With the new DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic sealant, even the trickiest connection details can now be carried out safely.

  • Easily solve those difficult details: DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic sealant and DiProtec® PR Primer have been specially designed to combine for the perfect waterproof connection of DiProtec® SDB sealing sheets to difficult areas such as balcony railing posts, intersections, door flanges or to different materials such as wood, plastic, metal or bitumen. All without any additional requirement for alkali protection, as DiProtec® FLK is alkali-resistant.
  • All done by the book: Rules in the flat roof directive 4.1.(5) set out that different materials for connections and edging – meaning the sealing sheet and the plastic sealant  must have long-term compatibility with each other. The combination of DiProtec® SDB plastic quick sealing sheet and the two-component, solvent-free DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic meet this requirement, as certified by a general German buildings inspectorate test certificate (following DIN 18195 Part 5 for medium and heavy stress, test certificate no. P-5190/301/09-MPA-BS).
  • Rise of a multi-talented product: In a system with the newly developed ProFin® SP base board profile, the DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic sealant (plus DiProtec® AB sealing tapes) can be simply and easily connected to rising building elements.

Technical information
  • Alkali resistant
  • Two-component, solvent-free sealant
  • For perfect connections of DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheets to: railing posts, intersections, door flanges, various materials, e.g. wood, plastic, metal, bitumen
  • For sealing deeper laid line drainage (e.g. in front of parapets)
  • 1 kg complete package including 1 x 2.75m PP fleece strip, brush for application and protective gloves
  • 5 kg complete package including 2 x 7m PP fleece strips, brush for application and protective gloves
  • With general German buildings inspectorate test certificate (following DIN 18195 Part 55 medium stress)
  • Consumption using 15 cm wide fleece strip = 0.45 kg/running metre
  • The appropriate primers are available for connection to different materials (DiProtec® PR-ZE for cement-based substrates, DiProtec® DB for connections to DiProtec® SDB and DiProtec® MT for metallic substrates).