DiProtec® PR


DiProtec® PR

Special primer

The new DiProtec® PR special primers can be used to create secure bonding bridges for our sealing systems on the widest range of substrates.

Easily solve those difficult details: DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic and DiProtec® PR Primer were specially designed to be combined for the perfect connection of DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheets to difficult areas such as balcony railing posts, intersections and door flanges or to different materials such as wood, plastic, metal or bitumen. All without any requirement for additional alkali protection, as DiProtec® FLK is alkali resistant.

Technical information

DiProtec® PR-ZE primer

  • For securely connecting DiProtec® AB sealing tapes
    and DiProtec® FLK to cement-based substrates
  • Primer for DiProtec® KSK / DiProtec® FLK
  • Cannot be dissolved (re-emulsified) after curing
  • Can even be used on slightly damp substrates – depth penetration up to 2 cm
  • Depth of penetration reduces absorbency and reduces rising damp
  • Consumption on normal substrates 100 –200 ml/m² (guide value)

DiProtec® PR-DB  primer

  • Primer for connecting DiProtec® FLK liquid plastic
    to the DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  • Consumption: 25ml /per running metre/ 25cm wide

DiProtec® PR-MT primer

  • Primer for metallic substrates
  • Can also be used as a cleaner for metallic surfaces (e.g. de-greasing/de-oiling)
  • Can be used as a cleaner for tools immediately after use with DiProtec® FLK
  • Consumption: 15ml /per running metre/ 15cm wide