DiProtec® SDB

Loose-laid synthetic quick sealing sheets with high tear resistance

DiProtec® SDB

Loose laid plastic quick sealing sheet with high tear resistance
or balconies, patios and terraces in combination with Watec® and AquaDrain® drainage mats. 

DiProtec® SDB is a high-quality, loose laid sealing sheet, enabling quick and simple laying. There is no need for expensive and time-consuming substrate preparation and priming. Intelligent connection technology using prefabricated system sealing tapes means that laying is not just quick, but also reliable. 

DiProtec® SDB was designed especially for combining with the reinforced thin-layer drainage systems Watec®3E and WatecDrain ® KP+. However, it can also be used with all AquaDrain® drainage mats and with the TerraMaxx® system.

DiProtec® SDB
  1. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  2. DiProtec® AB-K plastic sealing tape
  3. DiProtec® AB-V fleece sealing tape

Technical information
  • Material: Loose laid plastic sheet with high tear resistance; with matte surface and glass fibre fleece inlay
  • Fleece-laminated underside to compensate for water pressure
  • Can be used with all AquaDrain® and Watec® drainage mats and TerraMaxx® systems 
  • For sealing medium-stress surfaces such as balconies and ground floor terraces
  • CE marking - with general German buildings inspectorate test certificate (abP) in combination with DiProtec® AB and DiProtec® FLK