AquaDrain® EK

The passive capillary, high-performance surface drainage

AquaDrain® EK

The capillary passive surface drainage system for drainage mortar
for solid laying of ceramic, natural stone and concrete paving.

AquaDrain® EK is a capillary-breaking surface drainage system specially devised for laying outdoor coverings on drainage mortar. Thanks to the unique mesh, the raising of the complete surface and a high drainage volume, the system provides rapid and immediate drainage.

AquaDrain® EK

1.    ProFin® DP drain end profile + ProFin® BL push-on facing plate
2.    DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
3.    DiProtec® AB-K butyl sealing tape
4.    PE membrane as separating layer
5.    AquaDrain® EK natural stone drainage
6.    AquaDrain® RD edge insulation strips
7.    AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket
8.    Cement-based drainage mortar
9.    MorTec® DRAIN-EP drainage mortar
10.  AquaDrain® TM-QE drain grate
11.  AquaDrain® FLEX-PE drain grate
12.  ProRin® BR balcony gutter

AquaDrain® EK

Drain grates Accessories
AquaDrain® EK

For barrier-free transitions
AquaDrain® BF-FLEX

For standard transitions
AquaDrain® FLEX  / - KR / - TM / - SR

Profiles Accessories
AquaDrain® EK

ProFin® V55 drain profiles
ProFin® KL drainage gravel strip
ProFin® DP drain/drip profiles
ProFin® BL push-on facing plates
ProFin® BB balcony facing plate
ProRin® BR balcony gutter system
ProRin® AL downpipe system

Seals Accessories
AquaDrain® EK

DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet
DiProtec® AB sealing tapes
DiProtec® Drain-BA floor level gully

Adhesives Accessories
AquaDrain® EK

MorTec® DRAIN epoxy resin drainage mortar system
MorTec® SOFT Joint filler - it comes in a tube


Substrate requirements: Pressure-resistant;
for thermal insulation: EPS 035 DAA dh/XPS, min. 120 kPa

Suitable substrates:

  • Patios and terraces with ground contact, roof terraces, loggias, cantilevered balconies
  • Old ceramic tile coverings / old coatings

Fall: to max. 3 %

Seal: All types of seal are possible

Minimum thickness of covering: Concrete from 20 mm, natural stone from 20 mm, ceramic elements from 10 mm minimum

Height of structure including covering:

  • From approx. 68 mm (tiles), from 43 mm in MorTec® system
  • From approx. 80 mm (natural stone/concrete), from 55 mm in MorTec® system
Application areas

Fixed laid tile, natural stone and concrete coverings
on drainage/coarse grain mortar, as well as ceramic elements.

  • Corresponds to German Construction Industry Association (ZDB) Technical Bulletin "External Surface Coverings"
  • Corresponds to German Natural Stone Association (DNV) information sheet "Technical Construction Information; Natural Stone 1.4 – Outdoor Floor Coverings"

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