AquaDrain® SD

Unique passive capillary steps drainage

AquaDrain® SD

Unique capillary passive steps drainage system
for outdoor steps with ceramic or natural stone/concrete paving.

AquaDrain® SD steps drainage systems reliably protect outdoor steps with ceramic and natural stone/concrete paving from efflorescence and frost damage caused by accumulated water. This can be used for drainage in the middle bed, on (drain) mortar or on strips of mortar for block steps, or on drain mortar in a bond. 

AquaDrain® SD
AquaDrain® SD-1 steps drainage for or ceramic or natural stone / concrete paving on (drainage) mortar
  1. AquaDrain® SD water guidance strip
  2. DiProtec® FIX-MSP
  3. AquaDrain® SD steps drainage mat
  4. Watec® BW expansion waterstop
  5. Watec® FS joint covering strip
  6. AquaDrain® SD steps mesh
AquaDrain® SD
78 AquaDrain® SD steps drainage for ceramic or natural stone in middle bed combing.

Seals Accessories
AquaDrain® SD

For fixing the steps drainage
DiProtec® FIX-MSP

Adhesives Accessories
AquaDrain® SD

Epoxy resin drainage mortar system


Substrate requirements: 

Pressure resistant, load bearing

Suitable substrates: 

Ferro-concrete steps


min. 2 % 


All types of sealing can be used

Height of structure including covering: 

  • From approx. 80 mm (natural stone + AquaDrain SD + drainage mortar)
  • From approx. 65 mm (natural stone + AquaDrain SD + MorTec®DRAIN)
  • From approx. 70 mm (tiles + AquaDrain SD + drainage mortar)
  • From approx. 45 mm (natural stone + AquaDrain SD + medium bed mortar)
  • From approx. 25 mm (tiles + AquaDrain SD + medium bed mortar)

    ¹) Minimum thickness 30 mm

Application areas

For ceramic and natural stone coverings in the middle bed or on (drain) mortar. In combination with drain mortar in a bond or mortar strips for block steps


  • Corresponds to German Construction Industry Association (ZDB) Technical Bulletin "External Surface Coverings"
  • Corresponds to German Natural Stone Association (DNV) Technical Bulletin "Technical Construction Information; Natural Stone 1.3 – Solid Steps and Stair Coverings, Outdoor"