AquaDrain® SD2

Unique passive capillary steps drainage

AquaDrain® SD2

The unique passive capillary steps drainage
for high-load outdoor steps and for block steps/tread and riser steps.

AquaDrain® SD Type 2 is a preformed element for steps. It is particularly suitable for high-load coverings where the tread is laid bonded to coarse grain mortar. AquaDrain® SD Type 2 can also be used in combination with the laying of natural stone or concrete on bands or strips of mortar. This makes it suitable for, among other uses, solid constructions with block steps 

AquaDrain® SD2

1.     Block/solid step in natural stone or concrete
2.     Mortar bands/strips in drainage mortar
3.     DiProtec® FIX-MSP
4.     Contact layer/contact pastes on the back of natural stone/concrete for joining to mortar bands/strips
5.     AquaDrain® SD-2 steps drainage
6.     AquaDrain® SD water guidance strip

Technical information

Substrate requirements:

  • Pressure resistant, load bearing

Suitable substrates:

  • Ferro-concrete steps


  • min. 1,5 %


  • All types of seal possible

Height of laying mortar:

  • approx. 30 mm + covering (block step)
Application areas

In combination with drainage mortar in a bond or on a mortar layer for block steps/tread and riser steps.