AquaDrain® T+

The passive capillary drainage for loose coverings

AquaDrain® T+

Capillary passive surface drainage system for loose laying 
of natural stone and concrete plus ceramic elements. 

AquaDrain® T+ ensures rapid and permanent drainage of the covering structure. It prevents fouling and silt formation, which are common risks with loose paving.

AquaDrain® T+
AquaDrain® T+ complete system for laying with even bed of mortar

1. ProFin® RA edge profile with foil laminated sheeting
2. ProFin® KL Gravel drainage strip
3. Standard sealing e.g. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
4. PE membrane as separating layer
5. AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage
6. AquaDrain® FF Fugenfix
8. AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket
9. AquaDrain® FLEX drain grate

Not illustrated:
AquaDrain® SK joint covering

AquaDrain® T+
AquaDrain® T+ with barrier-free door connection

 5. AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage mat
 7. AquaDrain® SL joint tape
 8. AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket
10. AquaDrain® BF-FLEX drain grate

Not illustrated:
AquaDrain® SK joint covering

AquaDrain® T+

Cross section of AquaDrain® T+ with Aquadrain® FF Fugenfix. The new AquaDrain® FF Fugenfix tile spacers have a shaped, perforated base. This prevents long-lasting damp stains in natural stone in the covering area and prevents height differences between neighbouring tiles , thus avoiding the supports working their way upwards. 

Drain grates Accessories
AquaDrain® T+

For barrier-free transitions
AquaDrain® BF-FLEX

For standard transitions
AquaDrain® FLEX
AquaDrain® TM
AquaDrain® KR
AquaDrain® SR

Profiles Accessories
AquaDrain® T+

ProFin® V40 drain profile
ProFin® V55 drain profile
ProFin® KL drainage gravel strip
ProFin® DP drain/drip profile
ProFin® BL push-on facing plates
ProFin® BB balcony facing plate
ProRin® BR balcony gutter system
ProRin® AL downpipe system

Seals Accessories
AquaDrain® T+

DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet
DiProtec® AB sealing tapes
DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor gully


Substrate requirements: Pressure-resistant;
for thermal insulation: EPS 035 DAA dh/XPS, min. 120 kPa

Suitable substrates:

  • Patios and terraces with ground contact, roof terraces, loggias,
    cantilevered balconies
  • Old ceramic tile coverings / old coatings

Fall: min. 1 to 2.5 %; >2.5% with slip protection

Seal: All types of seal are possible

Covering sizes:

  • Concrete paving slabs min. 400/400/40 mm
  • Natural stone paving slabs min. 400/400/30 mm
  • Ceramic components min. 600/600/20 mm (porcelain stoneware) and 400/400/35 mm (extruded ceramics combined with even bed of mortar)
  • Paving stone min. 100/200/60 mm
  • Paving bricks min. 120/240/50 mm
Application areas

Loose laid natural stone and concrete coverings with AquaDrain® T+ on gravel/chippings (as a levelling layer)

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