AquaDrain® T25

The new surface drainage for (roof) terraces without gradient.

AquaDrain® T25

Capillary passive surface drainage for loose laying of ceramic elements, natural and concrete with 0° (roof) terraces.


On roof (terraces), one is frequently confronted with the situation that a slight or no gradient is present on the seal. The water collects over a large area on the seal and the drainage is strongly delayed. AquaDrain® T25 has a thickness of 25 mm. This prevents hydrostatic pressure and thus, damage on the seal. The laminated special fleece raises the covering over the full surface and prevents trapped moisture from coming back into the structure.

AquaDrain® T25
Use with drainage grates for proper doorway connections
  1. Sealing sheet
  2. PE membrane as separating layer
  3. AquaDrain® T25
  4. Gravel / chippings
  5. Covering
  6. AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket
  7. AquaDrain® FLEX-PE drain grate
AquaDrain® T25
Use with drain grate and DiProtec® DRAIN-BR waterspout

1.    Bitumen welded sheets sealing sheet
2.    PE membrane as separating layer
3.    AquaDrain® T25
4.    gravel / chippings
5.    Covering
6.    AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket
7.    AquaDrain® FLEX-PE drain grate
8.    DiProtec® DRAIN-BR waterspout
9.    Connecting plate in the base area or AquaDrain® SP base board profile

Drain grates Accessories
AquaDrain® T25

For barrier-free transitions 
AquaDrain® BF-FLEX

For standard transitions 
AquaDrain® FLEX / - KR / - TM / - SR

Profiles Accessories
AquaDrain® T25

ProRin® BR balcony gutter system 
ProRin® AL downpipe system

Seals Accessories
AquaDrain® T25

DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet 
DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet 
DiProtec® AB sealing tape 
DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor gully

Technical information

Substrate requirements: Pressure resistant;
for thermal insulation: EPS 035 DAA dh/XPS, min. 120 kPa

Suitable substrates:

  • Ground-contact patios, roof patios, loggias,
    cantilevered balconies
  • Old ceramic tile coverings / old coatings

Gradients: from 0 - 2.5%; >2.5% with slip protection

Seal: All types of sealing can be used

Covering sizes: 

  • Concrete slabs min. 400/400/40 mm
  • Natural stone tiles min. 400/400/30 mm
  • Ceramic elements min. 600/600/20 mm (porcelain stoneware) and 400/400/35 mm (extruded ceramics in combination with an even bed of mortar)
  • Paving stone min. 100/200/60 mm
  • Pavers min. 120/240/50 mm 

AquaDrain® T25 drainage rolls comprising:

  • high-pressure tight membrane with star-shaped, profiled studs made from non-rotting plastic (polypropylene)
  • Special fleece laminated onto the upper side with low through-flow resistance

Temperature resistance:
-30 °C to + 70 °C (for brief periods, up to + 80 °C)


Supplied in:
AquaDrain® T 25 rolls, height 25 mm, width: 1.00 m
Length: 10 m, roll = 10 m², plus 10 cm fleece overhang

Application areas

Loose laid natural stone and concrete coverings with AquaDrain® T25 on gravel / chippings (as a levelling layer)