TerraMaxx® DS

the first capillary passive drainage paving support system

TerraMaxx® DS

The first capillary passive drainage support system
for raised coverings in natural stone or concrete.

TerraMaxx® DS is the first capillary drainage paving support system. Loose-laid tiles are laid at points using drainage/single grain mortar on TerraMaxx® DS. The 100% raising of drainage mortar on TerraMaxx® DS reduces capillary rising water and therefore also reduces damp stains in the covering area of natural stone and concrete. Height adjustment rings make for easy laying - even on uneven seals.

TerraMaxx® DS

1.    DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
2.    PE membrane as separating layer
3.    TerraMaxx® DS raised drainage support
4.    Drainage mortar
5.    Natural stone/concrete paving, ceramic element
6.    AquaDrain® FLEX-PE drain grate
7.    open joint, alternatively: closed joints with MorTec® SOFT

TerraMaxx® DS

Special height adjustment rings act as casings for the mortar. These adjustment rings, 27 or 50 mm in height, can be stacked on top of one another without any problems. The height can thereby be adjusted by up to 100 mm. This also makes it easy to adjust the fall of the covering.

Drain grates Accessories
TerraMaxx® DS

For barrier-free transitions in accordance with DIN 18040
AquaDrain® BF-Flex

For standard transitions
AquaDrain® FLEX
AquaDrain® KR

Profiles Accessories
TerraMaxx® DS

ProFin® KL drainage gravel strip
ProFin® DP drain/drip profile
ProFin® BL push-on facing plates
ProFin® BB balcony facing plate
ProRin® BR balcony gutter system
ProRin® AL downpipe system

Seals Accessories
TerraMaxx® DS

DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet
DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor-level gully

Adhesives Accessories
TerraMaxx® DS

MorTec® SOFT Joint filler - it comes in a tube


Substrate requirements: Pressure resistant:
for thermal insulation EPS 035DAA dh/XPS, min. 150 kPa

Suitable substrates:

  • Patios and terraces with ground contact, roof terraces, loggias, cantilevered balconies
  • Old tile coverings/old coatings

Fall: min. 1 % to max. 2.5 %

Seal: Mineral sealing pastes, single layer sealing sheets, DiProtec® SDB

Covering sizes: 

  • Natural stone or concrete min. 300 x 300 x 30 mm
    Requirement for: 300 x 300 mm min. 11 pieces per m2
    Requirement for: 400 x 400 mm min. 6.25 pieces per m2
  • Ceramic elements: 600 x 600 x 20 mm (porcelain stoneware) 
    or 400 x 400 x 35 mm (extruded ceramics) 
    Requirement for 600 x 600 = 6.00 pieces/m²
    Requirement for 300 x 600 = 11.11 pieces/m²

Height of structure including covering: from approx. 45 mm

Approx. consumption per m², incl. edge area for tile size

Format number of pieces 
25 x 25 cm 18 pieces 
30 x 30 cm 13 pieces 
40 x 40 cm 8 pieces 
40 x 60 cm 5 pieces .
45 x 45 cm 6 pieces
50 x 50 cm 5 pieces
60 x 60 cm 4 pieces
80 x 80 cm 2 pieces
100 x 50 cm 3 pieces

The covering manufacturer's instructions must also be observed.

Application areas

Loose laid ceramic/natural stone tiles point supported on TerraMaxx® DS