TerraMaxx® PF

The laying system with AquaDrain® T+

TerraMaxx® PF

The laying system with AquaDrain® T+
for point fixing of thin plates and ceramic elements. 

In the TerraMaxx® PF laying process, breakproof covering components are fixed at points with the TerraMaxx® PF-FM special fixing compound to the AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage mat. There is no need for water-retaining mortar layers. Seepage water is rapidly shed through the AquaDrain® T+ drainage channels.

TerraMaxx® PF

1.    DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
2.    PE membrane as separating layer
3.    ProFin® DP 30 profile
4.    DiProtec® AB-K sealing tapes
5.    AquaDrain® T+ surface drainage
6.    TerraMaxx® PF-FM fixing compound
7.    MorTec® SOFT Joint in a Tube or alternatively open joints
8.    AquaDrain® TM drain grate
9.    ProRin® BR balcony gutter system

Drain grates Accessories
TerraMaxx® PF

For standard transitions
AquaDrain® TM drain grate

Profiles Accessories
TerraMaxx® PF

ProFin® V55 drain profile
ProFin® V40 drain profile
ProFin® DP30 drain profile
ProFin® BL24 push-on facing plate
ProFin® BB balcony facing plate
ProRin® BR balcony gutter system
ProRin® AL downpipe system

Seals Accessories
TerraMaxx® PF

DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
DiProtec® KSK cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet
DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor-level gully

Adhesives Accessories
TerraMaxx® PF

MorTec® SOFT Joint filler - it comes in a tube


Substrate requirements: load-bearing, firm and not springy or compressible. Pressure resistant: with thermal insulation EPS 035DAA dh/XPS / used with MorTec® SOFT at least 120 kPa, regarding minimum pressure resistance, standards / guidelines must be observed (e.g. DDH flat roof directive)

Suitable substrates:

  • Ground-contact patios, roof terraces, loggias, cantilevered balconies. 
    Arcades/walkways only with AquaDrain® HU
  • Old tile coverings/old coatings
  • Surfaces made from stand structures with planking made from
    wood, steel, etc.

Fall: min. 1 % to max. 2.5 %

Seal: Mineral sealing pastes, single layer sealing sheets, DiProtec® SDB

Covering sizes:

  • Natural stone or concrete min. 300 x 300 x 20 mm
  • Ceramic/clinker brick coverings min. 300 x 300 x 20 mm
  • Porcelain stoneware min. 300 x 300 x 20 mm

Approx. consumption TerraMaxx® PF-FM fixing compound/m²,
incl. edge situation:


  • approx. 3 – 3.5 kg/m², for 5 mm fixing point thickness with centre to centre distance 40 cm

The covering manufacturer's instructions must also be observed.

Application areas

Self-supporting ceramic and natural stone paving and components fixed at points to AquaDrain® T+

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