TerraMaxx® TSL

Easy height-adjustable, level-adjustable dry raised floor support
for mortar-free laying of patio tiles and elements

The completely pre-assembled raised floor supports enable quick and simple laying of tiles/elements on balconies, (roof) terraces and other walk-on surfaces. Rain water runs off through the open joints. Pipe and power lines as well as floor gullies can be hidden in the cavity between the covering and the substrate and remain accessible. If required, individual tiles can be lifted and exchanged.

TerraMaxx® TSL
  1. DiProtec® SDB quick sealing sheet
  2. DiProtec® AB-K sealing tape
  3. ProFin® KL 92/150 drain gravel strip
  4. TerraMaxx® TSL dry raised floor support
  5. AquaDrain® Flex drain grate



Drain grates Accessories
TerraMaxx® TSL

For barrier-free thresholds according to DIN 18040
AquaDrain® BF-FLEX
For standard thresholds
AquaDrain® FLEX / -KR 

Profiles Accessories
TerraMaxx® TSL

ProFin® KL Drain gravel strip
ProFin® DP Drain/drip profile
ProFin® BL Push-on facing plate
ProFin® BB Balcony facing plate
ProRin® BR Balcony gutter system
ProRin® AL Downpipe system

Seals Accessories
TerraMaxx® TSL

DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing sheet
DiProtec® KSK Cold applied self-adhesive sealing sheet
DiProtec® DRAIN-BA floor gully


Substrate requirements:Druckstabil: Pressure resistant: with EPS 035DAA dh/XPS thermal insulation, at least 200 kPa

Suitable substrates:

  • Ground-contact patios, roof patios, loggias, cantilevered balconies
  • Old tile coverings/old coatings

Height of structure without covering: 

Version S 36-43 mm
Version M 43-60 mm
Version L 58-75 mm
Version XL 75-120 mm

Combined with the height adapter, the relevant versions can be 80 mm higher, up 200 mm 

Approx. consumption per m² for tile size


Size Number of pieces Size Number of pieces
25 x 25 cm 18 pcs. 50 x 50 cm 5 pcs.
30 x 30 cm 13 pcs. 60 x 60 cm 4 pcs.
40 x 40 cm 8 pcs. 80 x 80 cm 2 pcs.
40 x 60 cm 5 pcs. 100 x 50 cm 3 pcs.
45 x 45 cm 6 pcs.
Application areas

Self-laying ceramic/natural stone tiles and elements point-supported on the TerraMaxx® TSL dry raised floor support substrate/covering

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