The protection of outdoor surfaces and door thresholds from water damage is no longer a problem, even with low construction heights. The extremely shallow Watec®Drain RD has been specially developed for Watec®Drain thin-layer drainage mats. The Watec®Drain AR cover grate provides reliable drainage via floor-level drainage channels.


  • Reliable drainage of outdoor areas and door connections.
    The extremely shallow Watec®Drain RD drainage channel makes a construction height of just 21 mm including covering possible, meaning that standard-compliant door thresholds can be implemented, even with low construction heights.
  • Easy and variable cutting to length on site, saving time and money.
    Thanks to the patented frame geometry, time-consuming and expensive customisations are no longer required.
  • Maximum drainage performance.
    The drainage channel quickly removes surface and façade water via the drainage channels of the Watec®Drain KP+ drainage mat, preventing the interior from becoming damp because of accumulated and splashed water.
  • Protection against fouling is provided by the integral dirt trap.
    The trap prevents dirt from falling into the drainage channel, therefore guaranteeing the permanent drainage performance of the drainage channel and the drainage mat.
  • Makes practical and standard-compliant reduction of the door threshold height from 15 to 5 cm possible.

Brief technical information

Usage area: In front of doors, floor-level window components or in line drainage, in conjunction with the reinforced thin-layer surface drainage system Watec®Drain AR cover grate for drainage via Watec®Drain KP+ floor drains
Frame material: Stainless steel 1.4301
Cover: Square design – stainless steel 1.4301
Dirt trap: Integral
Height of drainage channel: Fixed construction height of 18 mm