Watec®3E reliably and permanently drains, ventilates and decouples outdoor ceramic coverings, providing reliable protection from frost damage and efflorescence caused by accumulated water in cavities in the thin-bed mortar. Covering delamination and cracking is avoided.


  • Unique combination of floating and thin-layer covering thanks to tear-proof mesh on the top.
  • Triple protection: drainage, ventilation and decoupling.
    Quick drainage and ventilation provide reliable protection from frost damage and efflorescence caused by accumulated water.

    100% decoupling from the substrate provides effective protection from cracks in the covering and delamination due to weather-related shear stress.
  • The best drainage performance.
    In comparison to other thin-layer drainage systems (research by German Institute for Textile Construction and Environmental Technology (tBU) Greven).
  • Ideal for renovation work due to the low construction height of approx. 16 mm including covering.
  • 5 year system warranty.

Complete system


ProFin® DP11

2 DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing membrane
3 DiProtec® AB Waterproofing tape
4 Watec® 3E

AquaDrain® UB universal tape


DiProtec® AB-V fleece waterproofing tape

7 ProRin® BR Balcony gutter system

Brief technical information

Area of application Privately used walk-on outdoor surfaces such as balconies and terraces and walkways for residential access areas.
Types of covering Frost-resistant and ceramic tiles for outdoor areas, such as those recommended by the covering manufacturer for the respective usage area and the respective laying method are suitable.
Substrates • Bonded substrates,, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing
• Old tiles, old coverings
• No direct laying onto rubble substrates
Load-bearing capacity • Loadable over a wide area up to 5,000 kg/m², in combination with® SDB only loadable up to 2,000 kg/m²
• Cannot be driven on

Components & accessories