Ventilation and uncoupling system

for ceramic façades and rendered façades

CeraVent® System

Ventilation and uncoupling system for ceramic façades
for bonding ceramic coverings to façades and wall surfaces. 

For physical structural reasons (vapour diffusion/heat accumulation), direct bonding of ceramic wall coverings - e.g. to thermal insulation - is a problem. The CeraVent® ventilation and uncoupling system - approved by the German buildings inspectorate - creates a ventilated façade construction. The 10mm thick layer of air prevents the build-up of moisture. At the same time, the covering is uncoupled from the substrate. This allows ceramic cladding up to large formats of 60 x 60 cm to be used on CeraVent.

CeraVent® System

CeraVent® System
The CeraVent® complete system:

1.    Anchorable wall structure (masonry / concrete / perforated brick)
2.    WDVS System
3.    PCI façade adhesive for assembly fixing
4.    CeraVent® covering support mat
5.    CeraVent® wall plug set comprising screw plugs, screws, wall plug plate and cover
6.    Filler mortar: PCI façade filler
7.    Reinforcement filler comprising PCI façade filler plus CeraVent® reinforcement mesh
8.    Adhesive rendering: PCI façade adhesive
9.    Ceramic tiles / plaques Agrob Buchtal Series Chroma II /KerAion

Not illustrated:
CeraVent® Corner protection profile
CeraVent® Edge profile
CeraVent® Ventilation profile
Watec® ST joint reinforcement

Technical information
  • Reinforced covering support for the bonding of ceramics to façades and wall surfaces
  • Material: PS
  • Back-ventilates and uncouples the coverings
  • Application areas: Wall base surfaces, façades, basements, damp interior walls