System solutions for the interior area

With our IndorTec® systems we are now offering reliable, thoroughly planned solutions for indoor areas, contributing to improved safety, comfort and damage-free constructions.

The electric underfloor heating, for example, an intelligent solution consisting of function heating, uncoupling and sealing. The fixed and loosely laid uncoupling mats for critical substrates and formats and a height-adjustable shower gully system for floor-level show combined with a soundproofing package – ideal for renovation in hotels and apartment blocks. IndorTec® products are perfectly designed for the requirements of difficult indoor areas.

Uncoupling systems

Problem substrates such as cracked screeds, wooden floors and mixed substrates are a big challenge for the laying of ceramic coverings. IndorTec® FLEXBONE is the ideal problem solver here. The uncoupling mat with the sickle-shaped undercuts of the GripLock technology provide optimum grip of the adhesive, providing the greatest adhesive strength.

Shower gully systems

IndorTec FLEX-DRAIN is designed as an innovative shower gully system for floor-level showers and can be flexibly combined with a wide range of system components. The unique second drainage level provides long-term protection from damage and the innovative sealing technology makes it extremely flexible to use.

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD is equipped with a drain frame with a height adjusting facility, therefore making height adjustment of 6-15 mm possible.

Underfloor heating system

IndorTec® THERM-W is an innovative, thin layer warm water underfloor heating system in dry construction. The screed systems which are usually needed are dispensed with completely. The system therefore manages with a construction height of just 30mm. This ensures that processing takes place quickly and that the underfloor heating reacts quickly.

IndorTec® THERM-E is 3-in-1 electric underfloor heating: Heating, uncoupling and sealing all in one.