IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD (horizontally draining)

The shower gulley system with height-adjustable drain frame

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD (horizontal)

The shower gulley system with height-adjustable drain frame
and second drainage level. 

IndorTec® FlexDrain-HD is an innovative, ultra-flat shower gulley system with a height-adjustable drain frame. The unique second drainage level reliable leads seepage water which has penetrated into the structure away via the joints into the shower gulley and prevents damage caused by seepage water accumulation.

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD (horizontal)

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD (horizontal)
IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-HD (horizontal)

 Easy height adjustment:

1.    pull off support clip
2.    Slide the height adjuster to the middle and adjust the height (6-15 mm)
3.    Slide the height adjustment apart and fit the support clip.

Technical information
  • Material: Gully body in stainless steel,
    frame/reversible cover in brushed stainless steel
    Height-adjustable tile frame: Stainless steel
  • Integrated height adjustment from 6-15 mm, default setting: 10 mm
  • 3 lengths: 750 mm/950 mm/1,150 mm
  • Construction height 62 mm = 0.5 l/s; water trap height 30 mm
  • Construction height 82 mm = 0.6 l/s; water trap height 50 mm
  • Removable, high-quality plastic odour trap – easy to clean
  • Ready for installation with integrated fixed installation adapter and screed edge
  • Flexibility of the drain frame offers corresponding adaptation to the tile grid dimensions +/- 5 mm


  • Material: PU-bonded rubber fibres/elastomers, thickness 17 mm
  • Best values for footfall and installation noise, tested in the system
  • Use combined with IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN under the shower gully and screed


  • Material: 3 mm sandwich panel with laminated IndorTec® SEAL membrane on the top and on the underside
  • Guaranteed even load distribution with screed coatings on IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN SM soundproofing mat