IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN (horizontal)

The unique, flexible and ultra-shallow shower gully system

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN (horizontal)

The unique, flexible and ultra-shallow shower gully system
with a second drainage level and innovative, integrated seal technology. 

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN is an innovative, ultra-shallow shower gully system with a unique second drainage level. This drains seepage water that has penetrated the structure through the joints safely away into the shower gully and prevents damage from seepage water. According to a survey by the Fraunhofer Institut, the complete IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN clearly exceeds even the increased demands made in the noise level tests and achieves the best results in reducing noise impact.

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN (horizontal)

IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN (horizontal)

1.    2-in-1 reversible top
2.    Second drainage level: Stainless steel drain frame with covered drainage slits
3.    Stainless steel gully body with seal collar attached on site, with 11 mm narrow adhesive flange
4.    Ultra-shallow installation height from 62 mm if the flexible pipe is connected horizontally (drainage performance 0.5 l/s)

Seals Accessories
IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN (horizontal)

IndorTec® SEAL sealing system

Technical information
  • 3 lengths: 750mm/ 950 mm/ 1,150mm
  • 2 frame heights: 11 mm for ceramics and 22 mm for natural stone
  • Gully body in stainless steel and cover/insert in  brushed stainless steel
  • Construction height 62 mm = 0.5 l/s; water trap height 30 mm
  • Construction height 82 mm = 0.6 l/s; water trap height 50 mm
  • Removable, high-quality plastic odour trap – easy to clean
  • Ready to install with integrated Fixbau quick construction adapter
  • Flexibility of the drain frame offers corresponding adaptation to the tile grid dimensions +/- 5 mm


Minimum width of screed recess
IndorTec® FLEX-DRAIN 750 = always a minimum width of 78.5 cm;
IndorTec® FLEX-DRAIN 950 = always a minimum width of 98.5 cm

Maximum screed recess with IndorTec® FLEX-DRAIN load distribution plate

  • 3 sizes: 990 x 800 mm/ 1,190 x 995mm/ 1,390 x 1,110mm
  • 3 mm sandwich panel with laminated IndorTec® SEAL membrane on the top and on the underside 

Height of screed recess
= min. 62 mm or 82 mm + plus height for fall of 2.00 % (2 cm per 1 m)
According to structure height, ≥ 62 mm or ≥ 82 mm + fall, the lower insulation layer (footfall sound insulation) can be used over the full surface.