Floating laid uncoupling system


The floating laid uncoupling system
for ventilation and uncoupling of coverings in indoor areas.

IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E saves time and money when laying ceramics and natural stone in indoor areas. Because IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E is the only uncoupling system that ventilates and uncouples without adhesion to the substrate. As it is laid floating, it is also suitable as an exchangeable covering and for use on substrates with problem adhesion.


IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E floating laid uncoupling mat for substrates with problem adhesion (e.g. linoleum) with woven mesh reinforcement


Residual moisture in the substrate is distributed evenly through a system of channels and can also ventilate via the covering joints through the perforations in the mat.

Technical information

Suitable substrates:

  • Substrates with problem adhesion, e. g.

    • PVC, linoleum, etc.
    • Old paintwork
    • Mixed substrates

  • On fresh, still damp calcium sulphate screeds
  • On heated floor constructions
  • On wooden substrates and dry screeds
  • Cracked heating screeds
  • Mastic asphalt
  • On fresh, still damp cement screeds

Format specifications:

  • Ceramic coverings/natural stone with edge length of at least 20 cm
  • Covering thickness at least 10 mm (porcelain stoneware at least 8 mm), natural stone from 15 mm.
  • Adhesive consumption for trowelling off the mat: approx. 1.75 l/m² (will provide approx. 2.1 kg/m² according to type of adhesive)

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