Gutjahr underfloor heating systems

IndorTec® THERM-E 
Thanks to having an optimum flat surface and special geometry, IndorTec® THERM-E electric underfloor heating is extremely quick and easy to lay. Having 30 % less cavity than other systems means high energy efficiency, because the heat remains in the covering structure. The heating cables are also covered with the filler free of cavities. The mat also prevents kinks in the heating cable and makes quick grouting possible with “just one wipe” because of its open structure.

IndorTec® THERM is a warm water heating system with a structural height of just 30 mm including insulation – instead of up to 81 mm with conventional systems. It is therefore one of the thinnest systems on the market and ideal for renovation. The dry construction system provides quick and easy installation, since complicated work with screed and weeks of drying and waiting time are not needed. A self-adhesive, thin uncoupling mat replaces the thick layer of screed.