IndorTec® THERM-E

The 3-in-1 electric underfloor heating system

Area heating, bonded de-coupling and sealing all in one

IndorTec® THERM-E is an extremely quick and easy to lay electric underfloor heating system. Thanks to having an optimum flat surface, the carrier mat is laid extremely quickly. The special geometry, with 38 % less cavity than alternative systems, provides high efficiency. The heating cables are also covered with fillers/tile adhesives without cavities. The geometry of the mat also prevents kinks in the heating cable and makes quick grouting possible with just “one wipe” because of its open structure.

IndorTec® THERM-E

The IndorTec® THERM-E complete system

1.    IndorTec® THERM-E carrier mat
2.    IndorTec® THERM-E heating cable
3.    IndorTec® THERM-E BF floor sensor EU, 230 V
4.    IndorTec® THERM-E TD touch screen thermostat EU, 230 V or IndorTec® THERM-E TM manual thermostat EU, 230 V
5.    Tile/natural stone/wood/laminate or other textile and elastic coverings

IndorTec® THERM-E


Suitable substrates:

  • On fresh, still damp cement screeds
  • On fresh, still damp calcium sulphate screeds
  • On cracked (heating) screeds
  • On wooden substrates and dry screeds

Substrate requirements:

  • Substrates must be even, pressure resistant, load bearing and non-flexing. In order to seal damp and wet rooms, the joints/connections must be covered with sealing adhesives and sealing strips.


  • Ideal for large-format coverings made from ceramic/natural stone, wood/laminate, and textiles and elastic coverings.
  • The coverings must be suitable for the respective purpose of use.
  • Covering materials that tend to dish or curve out when one side is in contact with water are not suitable.
Technical information

IndorTec® THERM-E carrier mat

  • Material: Specially formed, non-rotting plastic film (PP). With fleece laminated onto the underside in the factory.
  • Ideal for large-format coverings made from ceramic/natural stone, wood/laminate, and textiles and elastic coverings
  • Carrier system for heating cables, bonded uncoupling and wet room sealing in one
  • Tension equalising, vapour pressure equalising

IndorTec® THERM-E heating cable

  • VDE tested: IEC 60800:2009
  • Protection class IPX7
  • For mains voltage 230 V
  • Resistance tolerance -5%/+10%
  • Minimum laying temperature 5°C
  • Uniform cable cross section in any length
  • Delivery on laying-friendly cable drums
  • Cold/warm transition seamless/sleeveless, waterproof

IndorTec® THERM-E TD touchscreen thermostat incl. floor sensor

  • Programmable touchscreen thermostat, 100 -240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Incl. floor and room sensor, NTC (12 KΩ), 3 m long, compatible with normal commercial sensors
  • Suitable for tiled, stone paved, laminate and wood floors
  • Dimensions (H/W/D): 84/84/40 mm (21.8 mm deep)
  • Flush mounting

IndorTec® THERM-E TM manual thermostat

  • Manual, electronic On/Off thermostat, 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz, for controlling the temperature of underfloor heating and electric heating
  • Incl. floor sensor, NTC (12 KΩ), 3m long, external room sensor can be connected
  • Dimensions (H/W/D): 84/84/28 mm
  • Mounted on wall
Application areas


For heating/temperature control of floor coverings on unheated and heated surfaces

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