The TerraMaxx® PL slab support is the smallest possible variant in the GUTJAHR product range for supporting the slab covering. In combination with the TerraMaxx PL insulation layer, heights of up to 26 mm can be bridged.


  • Quick and easy to lay.
  • Guarantees a uniform joint width:
    by means of integrated spacer.
  • Weather and UV resistant, 100% recyclable

Complete system

Produktaufbau TerraMaxx RS | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
1 DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing membrane
2 DiProtec® AB Waterproofing tape

AquaDrain® TR reinforced separating layer


TerraMaxx PL

5 TerraMaxx® RS (ceramic) Aluminium frame system

AquaDrain® FF Fugenfix tile spacers

7 AquaDrain® VARIO Box gutter

Brief technical information

Area of application Walk-on external surfaces in private and public areas, such as (roof) terraces and balconies.
Substrates • Bonded substrates, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing
• Unbonded, ground contact substrates with delayed seeping capacity (e. g. levelled gravel, vibrated and compacted surfaces)
Insulation Compressive strength ≥ 150 kPa
Substrate gradients ≥ 1.0 % to 2.5 %
Form of delivery Diameter: 156 mm
TerraMaxx® PL: (Damping layer, optional)

Variants, raised support heights:
TerraMaxx® PL: Height 10 mm, stackable
TerraMaxx® PL damping layer, height 2 mm

Components & accessories