IndorTec® THERM-C is a thin-layer, low-voltage wall heater which can be used in a multifunctional way beneath tiles and plaster systems. Thanks to the factory-installed supply cable, quick processing and easy connection without additional electrical installations is possible. Particularly in renovation applications, the wall heater can be retrofitted at any time without a great deal of effort. The IndorTec® THERM-C is controlled using a programmable, digital touch thermostat.


  • Thin-layer structure:
    Therefore quick reaction time and a large and uniform amount of heat emission.
  • Low installation height:
    Makes retrofitting easy, both during renovation and in new buildings.
  • Flexible installation in the wall area, as a concealed towel warmer or for additional heating
    (in the shower, for example)
  • Fleece-laminated and adhesion-optimised carbon foil for reliable use beneath tiles and plaster systems
  • Can be individually shortened
  • In complete set
  • Simple connection without additional electrical installations:
    thanks to factory-installed power supply cable to the heating foil

Komplett rendszer


IndorTec® THERM-C heating foil


Power supply cable to transformer


IndorTec THERM-C transformer


Power supply cable from transformer to thermostat


IndorTec® THERM-E TD touch screen thermostat EU, 230 V with switching relay


Temperature sensor


IndorTec® THERM-C
Tipps und Tricks zur Installation der IndorTec® THERM-C

Rövid műszaki információk

Usage area: For heating/temperature control in the wall area (e.g. shower) and/or as a concealed towel warmer
Suitable substrates: Masonry, stud partition walls with wood or gypsum plasterboard, old wall coverings
Substrate requirement: Substrates must be level and load bearing
Coverings: Ideal for coverings made from ceramic/natural stone, filling compounds and plaster systems