IndorTec® THERM-W impresses with its low construction height of just 28 mm including insulation. The dry construction system guarantees quick heating of the covering, since there is no need to heat thick screed. A universal heating element for the entire pipeline ensures that installation is quick and easy.


  • Dry construction system without screed
    – Extremely quick laying, no waiting for drying, significantly reduced weight.
  • Universal heating element
    – One heating element for the entire pipeline simplifies processing
  • From a system height of just 28 mm
    ideal for renovations.
  • Uniform covering heating
    thanks to factory-installed aluminium lamination
  • Quick to react and energy saving,
    because there is no need to heat thick layers of screed.
  • Optimum use of modern heating technology and reusable energy forms such as heat pumps or solar technology
    due to low flow temperature/effective heating performance.
  • Outstanding comfort due to insulating, pressure-stable XPS with 400 kPa and improved footfall noise characteristics.

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Produktaufbau IndorTec THERM-W | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik

XPS heating element, 400kPa, 25mm thick


Aluminium lamination for heat distribution – factory-installed


Heating pipe in 16 mm guide


IndorTec THERM-W TUB 10 dry underfloor element


Floor covering: vinyl, PVC, carpet, linoleum, multi-layer parquet flooring


IndorTec® THERM-W
The IndorTec THERM-W underfloor heating system for floor coverings from GUTJAHR Systemtechnik.

Rövid műszaki információk

Usage area: • Surfaces in categories A1, A2, A3, B1, D1 in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-1 (e.g. living and recreation rooms, office areas)
• Fire behaviour in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1: E
Suitable substrates: • Rough concrete ceilings
• Cement, calcium sulphate and cast asphalt screeds
• Wood substrates
Substrate requirement: even, pressure resistant, load-bearing, non-flexing and free of substances and surfaces which are difficult to adhere to
Coverings: • In a system on IndorTec® THERM TUB 10 dry underfloor element
- Vinyl, PVC, carpet, linoleum or multi-layered parquet
Height of structure including covering: • Parquet: from approx. 47 mm

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