TerraMaxx® PROTECT is a laying system which has been specially developed for higher supported coverings with heavier loading (e.g. gastronomy, event areas). It consists of a glass fibre-reinforced laying module, height-adjustable feet with easy2wall foot technology and freely positionable plate joint crosses. As an overall system, this creates a false floor structure with breakthrough protection for the covering that is laid on top of it.


  • Glass fibre-reinforced laying modules doe manufacturing coverings with breakthrough protection
  • Easy installation using feet that can be adjusted from above with easy2wall technology
  • All-weather system:
    usable regardless of the weather due to mortar-free construction
  • Continuous laying substrate:
    meaning free selection of covering formats
  • With open or closed joints (MorTec® SOFT)
  • Everything from a single source:
    Complete system with waterproofing, edging and door connection.

Système complet


TerraMaxx® PROTECT adjustable foot (here with 3 TerraMaxx PROTECT raising elements)


TerraMaxx® PROTECT laying module


TerraMaxx® PROTECT plate joint cross

Brèves informations techniques

Usage area: Walk-on, higher supported, more heavily loaded external private and public areas such as in gastronomy or the event area.
Minimum construction height: From 48 mm
Suitable substrates: • Bonded substrates, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing
• Unbonded, ground contact substrates with delayed seeping capacity (e. g. levelled gravel, vibrated and compacted surfaces)
Insulation: • Compressive strength ≥ 120 kPa
Substrate gradients: ≥ 1.0 % to 2.5 %