Surface drainage systems on the Kaprun glacier:

Natural stone protected from snow masses

Surface drainage systems on the Kaprun glacier:

Natural stone protected from snow masses

Extreme weather conditions during terrace renovation

Snow, snow and more snow: The tradespeople had to adapt to the extreme weather during the renovation and extension of the sun terrace at the Häuslalm Kaprun am Kitzsteinhorn. Because about six metres of snow fall here on average. Seepage water occurs en masse on the heated terrace – and the risk of frost damage is significant. for this reason, a Gutjahr surface drainage system now protects the exclusive Rauriser natural stone.

The cosy Häuslalm is in the middle of the beautiful skiing area of Kitzsteinhorn in the Austrian state of Salzburg. Every year, it attracts a countless number of skiers – mainly with its large viewing terrace and Après-Ski house bar. The skiing area is one of the three highest in Salzburger Land with an elevation of up to 3029 metres. This is also shown by the duration of the skiing season: skiers come here on up to 295 days per year and get their money's worth. The powdery snow, the breathtaking view and the very cosy sun terrace of the Häuslalm make the hearts of skiers beat faster – but gets tile layers and other tradespeople into a sweat.

Natural stone and substructure under extreme conditions

Snow as far as the eye can see at an elevation of 1,526 metres above sea level: that is no everyday situation for terrace coverings and substructures. Plus, the sun terrace of the Häuslalm is heated. This means that seepage water flows through the coverings every time there is new snow. However, the tradespeople from Bruno Berger and the Brennsteiner Fliesen tilers has to meet other challenges. And the schedule was tight: only the summer months were available for the renovation and extension of the 350 square metre outside terrace. The work started in July and was to be completed in August. The tradespeople decided to use the Gutjahr AquaDrain EK anti-capillary surface drainage system on 320 square metres – in order to provide safety and keep to the schedule.

Unique mesh

Drainage specialist has developed AquaDrain EK specially for laying natural stone on drainage mortar. The main advantage of the system: unlike drainage mortar alone, it is capillary passive. "This prevents water from the waterproofing being transported upwards and causing damage or water stains on the covering", says Gutjahr managing director Ralph Johann. AquaDrain EK also supports the entire covering. In this way, the drainage channels form a defined cavity of more than 90 percent, and water can flow away quickly and effectively – and significantly faster than when laying on drainage mortar without a drainage mat. The entire structure dries more quickly because of the back ventilation. "The mesh is also a special feature here", says Ralph Johann. Because it remains water-permeable over the long term and is the only mesh with a long-term suitability certificate. This means that it does not become clogged because of the soluble lime in the drainage mortar. On the whole, that is perfect protection for the valuable Rauriser natural stone at the Kaprun Glacier.

Perfect in the system

The products from Ardex and Gutjahr are a perfect match – which was shown at the construction site at the Kaprun Glacier.

Gutjahr and Ardex: perfect in the system

The tradespeople also processed the AquaDrain SK joint covering tape, in order to join the drainage mats together, and the AquaDrain RD edge insulating strips. Because of the self-adhesive foot, it can be processed quickly and easily on ascending components. In the construction chemistry area the tradespeople rely on Ardex products such as ARDEX A 10 (bonding material for single grain mortar), ARDEX FB 9 L (flexible pourable bed mortar) and ARDEX GK hard-wearing grout.

Schedule adhered to

Thanks to the well thought-out products, the tradespeople were able to adhere to the schedule on the Häuslalm. Now the visitors have a dreamlike view of the Alpine panorama from the terrace, which has permanent protection from damage.

Products used

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