IndorTec® FLEXBONE-VA with fleece on the underside is a high-performance bonded decoupling system with outstanding adhesive shear strength and adhesive tensile strength. This means that the system is able to dissipate even strong movements of critical surfaces as well as high dynamic forces from above, without any problems. IndorTec® FLEXBONE-VA provides maximum safety for laying high-load coverings and large formats, and in combination with filling compounds. Can also be used as composite waterproofing in wet rooms.


  • High-performance decoupling with the best results (MPA Wiesbaden):
    perfect for laying large formats and for high-load areas
  • Reliable decoupling thanks to the patented bone-shaped structure:
    – Greater plasticity, and therefore better buffering against movement from the substrate
    – Excellent adhesive shear strength (up to 75 % better than conventional decoupling mats), making horizontal deformation of up to 1.5 mm in the substrate possible without problems
  • Outstanding adhesive grip due to GripLock technology:
    provides additional safety reserves at higher loads
  • Vapour pressure equalisation:
    by means of communicating channels on the underside of the decoupling mat
  • Extremely good load transfer:
    due to contact area of more than 50 %
  • As tested composite waterproofing:
    with coordinated and tested system components ARDEX 7 + 8 including accessories (such as Ardex SK 12 sealing tape). Can also be used for coverings such as multi-layer parquet, textile and elastic coverings in combination with fillers.

Complete system

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Adhesive mortar

2 IndorTec® FLEXBONE-VA Decoupling mat

Covering adhesive



Brief technical information

Usage area: • In the interior
• Support system for large format coverings made from ceramic/natural stone, multi-layer parquet, and textile and elastic coverings
• Can also be used as wet room waterproofing
Suitable substrates in the interior: • On fresh cement screeds that are too damp
• On fresh calcium sulphate screeds that are too damp
• On cracked (hot) screeds
• On wood substrates and dry screeds
Coverings: • Ceramic coverings/natural stone with edge length of at least 5 cm
• Covering thicknesses: Coverings such as the ones provided by the covering manufacturer for the respective application area are suitable. Orientation is provided by the ZDB bulletin that is available in Germany
• Adhesive consumption for filling the mat: approx. 1,75 l/m²
Material: specially shaped, non-rotting plastic film (PP), approx. 3 mm thick. With interlocking fleece laminated on in the factory on the underside

Components & accessories