IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E saves time and money when laying ceramic and natural stone coverings indoors. Because IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E is the only decoupling system that ventilates and decouples without being bonded to the substrate. Thanks to being laid floating, it can also be used as an exchangeable covering and on substrates which are difficult to adhere to.


  • 50 % of time saved by laying floating without adhesion to the substrate:
    Substrate preparation, priming and glueing the mats to the substrate are no longer required.
  • No cracks, delamination or bulging of the covering in tile and natural stone coverings:
    thanks to reliable venting and decoupling from the substrate.
  • Avoids moisture build-up:
    by means of uniform, horizontal and vertical venting of residual moisture in the substructure via the air channel systems and perforations in the mat.
  • Can also be used on substrates to which adhesion is difficult:
    due to reinforced covering support which produces an independent covering shell.
  • Ideal for exchangeable coverings,
    since replacement without damaging the substrate is possible because of the 100 % decoupling.
  • Tried and tested – in use as a system for more than 15 years.

Complete system

Produktaufbau IndorTec FLEXBONE-2E | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik

Substrate that is difficult to adhere to

2 IndorTec® FLEXBONE-2E Decoupling mat

Covering adhesive



Brief technical information

Usage area: • In the interior
• On substrates which are difficult to adhere to
• Can be used as an interchangeable base
• Support system for large-format coverings made from ceramic/natural stone, multi-layer parquet and textile and flexible coverings
Coverings: • Ceramic coverings/natural stone with at least 20 cm edge length (for wooden substrates)
• Covering thicknesses: Porcelain stoneware at least 8 mm, stoneware tiles at least 10 mm, natural stone at least 15 mm
• Adhesive consumption for grouting the mat: approx. 1.75 l/m²
Material: Perforated, specially shaped, non-rotting plastic film (PP), approx. 3 mm thick. With mesh reinforcement on top

Components & accessories