On (roof) terraces, you are often confronted with the situation that there is little or no fall on the waterproofing. The water collects over a large area on the waterproofing and drainage is very slow. AquaDrain® T25 has a thickness of 25 mm. This prevents hydrostatic pressure and therefore damage to the waterproofing. The laminated special fleece raises the entire area of the covering and prevents trapped moisture from getting back into the structure.


  • Specially developed for use on (roof) terraces without a fall.
  • 25 mm thick – prevents large puddles forming on the waterproofing.
  • Prevents hydrostatic pressure from standing water on the waterproofing.
  • No fouling on the waterproofing thanks to the special filter fleece.
  • Footfall noise improvement of up to + 33 dB.
    (Research by Construction Acoustics Laboratory, University of Rhine-Main).

Complete system

Produktaufbau AquaDrain T25 | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik

Bitumen welded sheet waterproofing membrane


AquaDrain® TR reinforced separating layer

3 AquaDrain® T25 Surface drainage systems

AquaDrain® perforated angle bracket


AquaDrain® SL waterstop


Gravel / chippings



8 AquaDrain® FLEX Drain grate
9 DiProtec® DRAIN

Brief technical information

Area of application Walk-on external surfaces in private and public areas, such as (roof) terraces and balconies.
Types of covering Coverings such as those recommended by the covering manufacturer for the respective usage area and the respective type of covering laying.
Substrates • Bonded substrates, no direct laying onto rubble substrates, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing, floor screed
• Old tiles, old coatings
Load-bearing capacity Surface load capacity up to 2,000 kg/m²; not to be driven over
Drainage performance 100 % Fall= 10 l/(m*s)
10 % Fall= 4.14 l/(m*s)
1.5 % Fall= 1.57 l/(m*s)
Insulation Compressive strength ≥ 120 kPa
Substrate gradients ≥ 0.0 % to 2.5 %
Footfall noise improvement Up to +33dB

Components & accessories