TerraMaxx® RS is a stable aluminium substructure for laying balcony and terrace coverings. Thanks to intelligent screw connecting technology, no pre-drilling is required. The system can be used on bonded and unbonded substrates in almost any weather conditions. Because of the light weight and the low construction height, it is also particularly suitable for renovation.


  • Stable and lightweight
    Usable on any substrate
  • Easy installation
    by means of smart screw connecting technology
  • All-weather system:
    usable regardless of the weather due to mortar-free construction
  • Easy fall adjustment
    using raised floor supports with adjustable height (e.g. TerraMaxx® TSL)
  • Level laying substrate
    therefore ideal for XXL formats
  • Footfall noise improvement of up to + 32 dB.
    (Research by Construction Acoustics Laboratory, University of Rhine-Main).
  • With open or closed joints (MorTec® SOFT)
  • Everything from a single source:
    Complete system with waterproofing, raised floor supports, edging and door connection.

Brief technical information

Area of application Walk-on external surfaces in private and public areas, such as (roof) terraces and balconies.
Types of covering Slab coverings made from ceramic, natural stone and concrete such as the ones recommended by the covering manufacturer for the respective application area and type of laying are suitable.
Substrates • Bonded substrates, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing
• Unbonded, ground contact substrates with delayed seeping capacity (e. g. levelled gravel, vibrated and compacted surfaces)
• Steel/wood support structures with breakthrough-proof coverings
Load-bearing capacity Permissible surface load up to 5 kN/m² (DIN-EN 1991-1-1/NA:2010-12, category C5)
Insulation Compressive strength ≥ 120 kPa
Substrate gradients ≥ 1.0 % to 2.5 %
Footfall noise improvement Up to +32dB

Components & accessories