AquaDrain® SR are slit gutters which can be unobtrusively integrated into the covering. Unlike conventional slit gutters, the gutter body is open on the underside and provides reliable, quick surface water removal directly into the drainage layer.


  • Uniquely slender.
    Made from powder-coated aluminium, only 16 mm wide on the visible side.
  • Flexible use thanks to the reversible cover.
    The reversible stainless steel cover also acts as a dirt trap and prevents leaves or dirt from fouling the drainage layer and reducing drainage performance.
    Thanks to the possibility of reversing the cover, a subtle shadow gap appearance or visible flush line drainage can be realised.
  • Faster drainage that previous slit gutters.
    Drainage openings on the underside drain water quickly and reliably into the attached surface drainage.
  • Continuously adjustable with the AquaDrain® SR screw feet set.
  • Low installation height of 65 mm.
  • Available as a solution.
    – in front of parapets or wall areas (AquaDrain® SR-W)
    – in the surface as line drainage (AquaDrain® SR-L)

Complete system

Brief technical information

Area of application - in the surface as line drainage (AquaDrain® SR-L)
- in front of parapets or rising sections of the construction (AquaDrain® SR-W)
- in combination with AquaDrain® surface drainage mats
Frame material: Powder-coated aluminium
Cover: Reversible stainless steel cover,
material no.: 1.4301
Dirt trap: Cover = dirt trap
Installation height: From 65 mm
Height adjustment: 75–92 mm (78 mm before cutting off on site), only with SR-W variant
XL foot: 75–118 mm (102 mm before cutting off on site), only with SR-W variant