Watec®Drain KP is the only capillary passive thin-layer drainage system that is laid loose, i.e. without bonding to the substrate. The 100% decoupling and drainage ensures that frost damage and efflorescence are prevented, and speeds up the drying of the structure considerably. The AquaDrain® VARIO box gutter makes it possible to have standard-compliant door thresholds, even with low connection heights.


  • Unique, capillary passive thin-layer drainage mat, laid floating.
    Speeds up the drying of the structure by means of a 6 mm layer of air. 100% decoupling protects against cracks in the covering and delamination caused by weather-related shear stresses.
  • Diffusion slits allow ventilation of residual moisture from cementitious substrates.
  • The only thin-layer drainage mat with a system drain grate.
    Makes standard-compliant reduction of door threshold heights possible.
  • Unique combination of intelligent special fleece and additional mesh reinforcement.
    Special fleece with low through-flow resistance for quick drainage The mesh provides optimum rigidity and adhesion.
  • Can be used for falls from as little as 1 %.
  • 5 year system warranty.

Brief technical information

Area of application Privately used walk-on outdoor surfaces such as balconies and terraces and walkways for residential access areas.
Types of covering Frost-resistant and dimensionally stable coverings and moisture-insensitive coverings for outdoor areas, such as those recommended by the covering manufacturer for the respective usage area and the respective laying method.
Substrates • Bonded substrates,screeds, concrete surfaces with or without waterproofing, not to be laid directly onto gravel
• Old tiles, old coverings
Load-bearing capacity Surface load capacity up to 3,000 kg/m²; cannot be driven on
Footfall noise improvement Up to +17dB
Drainage performance 100 % Fall= 2.62 l/(m*s)
10 % Fall= 0.78 l/(m*s)
1.5 % Fall= 0.28 l/(m*s)
Insulation Laying Watec® Drain KP+ directly onto thermal insulation is not permitted. Additional load-distributing layers (cement screeds) are required in this case.

Components & accessories