Drain edge profiles for use beneath DiProtec® SDB plastic waterproofing membranes and beneath mineral sealing slurry.


  • Surface and seepage water is drained without leaving dirt trails
    The projecting profile leg with its special drip edge removes water from the projecting balcony in a targeted way, and avoids dirt trails on balcony fronts and façades.
  • Quick and simple installation
    The profiles can be easily linked using the profile connectors supplied, without misalignment and without soldering and gluing. Prefabricated, sealed corners make assembly easier.
  • With hanging pocket for easy attachment of ProRin® balcony gutters
    For optimum complete drainage.

Complete system

Profil ProFin DP11 | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
1 ProFin® DP 11 Profile

DiProtec® AB-V fleece waterproofing tape


Mineral slurry-type seal coatings

4 ProRin® BR Balcony gutter system

Brief technical information

Usage area: For use beneath sealing slurry as tile edge profile for bonded laying of tiles and slabs (8-10 mm).
Waterproofing: - DiProtec® SDB
- DiProtec® KSK
- DiProtec® FLK
- mineral slurry-type seal coatings
Material: aluminium, powder coated

Components & accessories