The AquaDrain® DR-HB has been specially developed for drained structures with the drive-on AquaDrain® HBand AquaDrain® HU-EK surface drainage mats in order to now provide line drainage which takes in and systematically drains the surface water and also the seepage water which penetrates via the joints in the covering.


  • Perfect in the system with AquaDrain® HB and AquaDrain® HU-EK
    Prevents dirt from blocking the floor gully, therefore guaranteeing the permanent drainage performance.
  • Integral dirt trap protects against fouling.
  • Simple, precise alignment at covering level using continuously adjustable screw feet.
    Guarantees unimpeded drainage of surface water in floor gullies.
  • Maximum drainage performance thanks to drain grate which is open at the bottom.
  • Grate locking
  • Easy inspection thanks to removable drain grid.

Complete system

Produktaufbau AquaDrain HU-EK | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
Produktaufbau AquaDrain HB | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik

Sealed rubble supporting layer


Separating layer in accordance with DIN 18532

3 AquaDrain® HU-EK Surface drainage systems
4 AquaDrain® HB Surface drainage systems
5 MorTec® DRAIN-ZE Drainage mortar

Covering with plaques


AquaDrain® DR-HB drive-on drain grate

Brief technical information

Usage area: As drive-on line drainage
at garage entrance or in the surface
Frame material: Hot-dipped galvanised steel
Cover: Drain grate - hot-dip galvanised with mesh width of 30/10 mm
Dirt trap: The integrated dirt trap prevents the floor gully from blocking and provides permanent drainage
Height adjustment: Including 8 screw feet 59-280 mm

Components & accessories