The ProFin® V drain edge profile is available in heights of 22 mm and 55 mm. It is an edge profile for removing surface water and for use on AquaDrain® surface drainage. This means that the edging and the façade remain clean. The projecting profile leg reliably removes surface water and keeps the drainage channels free.


  • Surface and seepage water is drained without dirt trails and without the risk of blockage
    The projecting profile leg with its special drip edge guides surface water away from the projecting balcony and keeps the drainage channels of the surface drainage free.
    This ensures long-term functioning of the overall system and prevents dirt trails on the fronts of balconies and façades.
  • Decorative edging and screed support in one
    The raised edge of the profile covers the unglazed edge of the tiles, removing the need for expensive and easily damaged edging tiles. At the same time, the profile protects the front of the screed from water, and therefore damage.
  • Quick and easy installation
    The profiles can be linked with the provided profile connectors, easily and without tilting. Prefabricated, sealed corners make assembly easier.

Complete system

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Edge profile


Waterproofing membrane


AquaDrain® TR reinforced separating layer

4 AquaDrain® T+ Surface drainage systems

ProFin® V55 drain edge profile


Rubble base layer

Brief technical information

Usage area: For walk-on outdoor surfaces in private and public areas such as (roof) terraces, balconies, loggias, walkways, restaurant terraces etc.
Laying of coverings: - Solid laid coverings: on single grain/drainage mortar, screed, concrete etc.
- Loosely laid coverings: on unbonded levelling layers, chippings, gravel etc.
- Raised coverings: on dry and mortar raised floor supports, frame systems etc.
Substrates: - Bonded substrates, concrete screed surfaces with customer's existing surface waterproofing or surface waterproofing not required
- Unbonded substrates such as rubble base layers etc.
Drainage performance: ProFin® V22, V55: unlimited, dependent upon performance of drainage level
Material: aluminium, powder coated