Adhesives and mortar systems

Special applications for outdoor coverings

Adhesives and mortar systems

Special applications for outdoor coverings

Problem solvers for outdoor coverings

Be it the laying of drainage mortar with low construction heights or the low-tension laying of large formats: the Mortec® systems are real problem solvers for outdoors.

Drainage mortar

Drainage mortar / single grain mortar is ideal for fixed laid covering areas of any kind in outdoor areas. Compared to classic screeds and fine-grained thick bed mortar, drainage mortar has more effective water permeability and therefore make general drying in the covering bedding layer possible. Frost damage in the overall structure and moisture marks on covering surfaces are therefore avoided. With MorTec® DRAIN-EP very slim, load-bearing load distribution layers with a layer thickness starting at 25 mm can be achieved, and layer thicknesses starting at approx 50 mm are possible with MorTec® DRAIN -ZE. In combination with the AquaDrain surface drainage mats and AquaDrain drain grates and gullies, outdoor coverings can be reliably planned and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN 18531 parts 1-5 for backup-free drainage at low and barrier-free door connections. The combinations also correspond with the relevant fact sheets of the wide range of professional associations for the production of outdoor covering areas.

Thin bed / medium bed mortar

TerraMaxx® PF-FM fixing compound is a flexible laying mortar with rapid hardening and quick drying characteristics
Usage areas:

  • on MorTec® DRAIN -ZE and Mortec® DRAIN-EP with “fresh in fresh” laying, and also on brought-forward, hardened drainage mortar surfaces.
  • as a contact / adhesive mortar layer for coverings made from ceramic, porcelain stoneware, natural stone and concrete paving
  • as a fixing compound for spot-bedded fixing of coverings with the TerraMaxx PF drainage and laying system. TerraMaxx PF-FM fixing compound fulfils the C2 FTE S1 requirements in accordance with EN 12004 / 12002.

Joint material

Good grouting material is indispensable for carefree and problem-free outdoor coverings. GUTJAHR provides the MorTec® SOFT special grouting material for precisely this purpose. MorTec® SOFT is predestined for large covering slabs, diagonal laying and lattice laying. Because of the tension-reducing characteristics compared to conventional rigid grouting materials, no cracks form in the grouting chambers and no edge cracking occurs. MorTec® SOFT can be used with the raised GUTJAHR drainage and laying systems TerraMaxx® TSL, DS, PF, RS and for fixed covering laying with the GUTJAHR drainage and laying systems AquaDrain® EK, HU-EK and Watec®Drain KP+. Due to the fine-grained structure, a uniformly neat joint appearance is created for connecting, expansion and covering joints. The matt surface is reminiscent of cementitious grout. MorTec® SOFT is available in mat cement grey, matt anthracite, matt sand beige and matt stone grey.

Any questions?

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