DiProtec® SDB is a high-quality, loosely laid waterproofing membrane which makes quick and easy laying possible. No elaborate substrate preparation and priming is required. Intelligent connection technology using prefabricated system sealing tapes means that laying is not just quick, but also reliable. DiProtec® SDB was designed especially for combining with the reinforced thin-layer drainage system WatecDrain ® KP+. However, it can also be used with all AquaDrain® drainage mats and the TerraMaxx® systems.


  • Quick to lay.
    DiProtec® SDB is loose-laid – no need for substrate preparation, priming and drying times.
  • Integral vapour pressure equalising layer on the underside.
    This means that it can also be used on damp substrates or old tile coverings.
  • Easy and reliable.
    Butt joints, profile connections and wall connections with self-adhesive system sealing tapes. Direct connection to Gutjahr system profiles is possible without filling the profile joints beforehand.
  • Simple measuring and cutting and also reliable adherence to the overlap width.
    Thanks to guide lines printed on the top surface.
  • Can be used as waterproofing membrane beneath any AquaDrain® and Watec® drainage mats, and also beneath TerraMaxx® systems.
  • With CE marking.
  • With cbm function test, test report no. 51-10-0147

Complete system

Produktaufbau WatecDrain KP+ | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
1 DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing membrane

DiProtec AB-K plastic waterproofing tape


DiProtec AB-V fleece waterproofing tape

Brief technical information

Area of application For waterproofing horizontal, walk-on surfaces in outdoor areas in accordance with DIN 18531, T 5):
• Balconies, loggias and walkways (freely overhanging)
• Ground contact concrete surfaces (without cellar)
• Moisture protection for screed on structural waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18531, part 1–4
Covering laying For laying coverings on separating and protection layers and on surface drainage systems:
• Solid laid, thick coverings on single grain/drainage mortar
• Solid laid, thin coverings on thin-layer drainage mats
• Loosely laid coverings on unbonded levelling layers such as chippings, gravel etc.
• Raised coverings on dry and mortar raised floor supports, frame systems etc.
Substrates • Bonded substrates, concrete and screed surfaces
• Wood and steel plate substrates such as stand structures
• Old tiles, old coatings
Material: loosely laid, high tear resistance plastic membrane with a matt surface

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