Listed architecture –

with reliable water damage protection

Listed architecture –

with reliable water damage protection

Listed architecture – with reliable water damage protection

The listed Art Nouveau style buildings reflect on the surface of the water, and a 100-year-old landscaped garden surrounds the 20,000 square meter sunbathing area: the bathing world of the twenties lives on in the Mönchengladbach public baths. Swimmers and sun-seekers have been attracted to the charming outdoor pool since 1926. In recent years it has been gradually renovated. Products from special provider Gutjahr provide long-term protection against damage from water and frost.


Major renovation project

The walk-on roof of the Art Nouveau building and the associated staircase was the subject of a major renovation project in the public baths. The approximately 870 square meter roof was leaking in many places, and unsightly lime efflorescence had formed on the 88 steps. The challenge: a low construction height and a tight schedule – because the renovation had to be completed before the start of the bathing season.

The client, Niederrheinischeversorgung und Verkehr AG (NVV), decided on a structure with surface drainage, drainage mortar and tiles laid "fresh in fresh". This solution was developed by specialist Fliesen-Lepping from Vreden, together with Gutjahr and PCI Augsburg. The advising consultant had actually recommended standard-compliant waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18195-T5 under a loosely laid covering made from ceramic elements on a bed of gravel. However, since the surfaces are regularly processed with high-pressure cleaners, a loosely laid covering with open joints was out of the question. A permanently laid covering with closed joints had to be realised which would withstand the anticipated long-term loads.

Faster drainage

The water drainage capability has been improved by up to 150 times with a capillary passive drainage mat beneath the drainage mortar.

Suitable drainage systems for every usage area

AquaDrain EK from Gutjahr was therefore used on the surfaces, and the AquaDrain SD step drainage system was used on the steps. Both systems are capillary passive and support the entire covering. Because of this, the drainage channels form a large cavity, and water can drain away more quickly and effectively. At the same time, backwater on the waterproofing no longer runs run back into the covering structure, which avoids damage. The covering also dries more quickly because of the back ventilation. Both systems are covered with a special mesh or special fleece and remain permanently water-permeable – a major difference from other systems. The other special thing about AquaDrain SD is the composition: The pre-formed angled elements can be processed directly on the steps and do not have to be cut to size. This saves time and prevents processing-related errors which can occur with multi-part systems – particularly at the transition from tread to riser.

Punctual start

Ten Fliesen-Lepping employees worked for a total of four weeks on the flat roof-like roof terrace and staircase of the Mönchengladbach Public Baths – successfully. Everything was ready just in time for the 2010 bathing season. The public baths is something very special due to the Art Nouveau architecture and the historic park.

About Mönchengladbach Public Baths

Mönchengladbach Public Baths which were opened in 1926, are located in the middle of the Volksgarten. The Art Nouveau buildings of the outdoor pool are listed. The operator is Niederrheinischeversorgung und Verkehr AG in Mönchengladbach. The public baths provide a pool area consisting of swimming pools and diving pools, teaching, leisure and toddler pools. There are also diving platforms, water slides and massage jets. In addition to the 20,000 square meter sunbathing area, a sandy beach with beach chairs is also available to visitors.

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