With standard tile spacers without a drainage base, the tile spacer often works itself upwards above the edge of the covering, or there will be height differences between the tiles in the laying area. The black appearance that usually occurs is also very noticeable. The AquaDrain® FF Fugenfix tile spacers have a perforated base, which ensures that the coverings remain fixed at the same height and equidistant from one another. Also, the tile spacer cannot work its way upwards. The holes in the base element also prevent a film of water from forming and causing moisture stains. Thanks to the transparent design, the tile spacers are very discreet and almost invisible when they are installed.


  • Shaped drainage base
    – Prevents long-lasting damp stains in natural stone in the covering area
    – Prevents height differences between neighbouring tiles
    – Therefore avoids the supports working their way upwards
  • Discreet look thanks to transparent, UV-resistant materials, just 3 mm thick
  • Predetermined breaking points allow for various laying variations both in the joint and the tile pattern
  • Damage to the edges is prevented

Brief technical information

Area of application - Spacers for forming narrow gaps in loosely laid coverings on chippings or single grain mortar
- Prevents edge damage
- Suitable for ceramic elements and slabs made from natural or concrete from a thickness of 12 mm or 20 mm

Components & accessories