Drain edge profile– ideal for spot-bedded coverings, laid using the TerraMaxx® PF procedure.


  • Neat water drainage without visible openings
    Unlike other profiles, seepage water is not visibly led away using holes, but via concealed drainage slits. This prevents unsightly dirt deposits on the profile panel.
  • Unique, reliable sealing technology
    In combination with special, self-adhesive system sealing tapes, the new profile generation with an unpunched leg will ensure easy and secure connection of the waterproofing.
  • Surface and seepage water is drained without leaving dirt trails
    The projecting profile leg with its special drip edge removes water from the projecting balcony in a targeted way, and avoids dirt trails on balcony fronts and façades.
  • With hanging pocket for easy attachment of ProRin® balcony gutters
    For optimum complete drainage.

Brief technical information

Usage area: For walk-on outdoor surfaces in private and public areas such as (roof) terraces, balconies, loggias, walkways, restaurant terraces etc.
Laying of coverings: - Solid laid coverings: on single grain/drainage mortar, thin layer drainage, combinations etc.
- Loosely laid coverings: on unbonded levelling layers, chippings, gravel etc.
- Raised coverings: on dry and mortar raised floor supports, frame systems etc.
Substrates: Bonded substrates
- Concrete screed surfaces
- Edge gutter boards or similar enclosures of insulated substrates
Material: aluminium, powder coated

Components & accessories